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About Us

The Cultural Equity Institute (CEI) was created to solve a human rights problem.

The Problem.

By 1999, the research on the benefits of mental health treatment were clear enough the U.S. Surgeon General urged all Americans to "seek help if you have a mental health problem or think you have symptoms of a mental disorder."  Unfortunately, the mental health system did not and does not work as well for all Americans. The quality of and satisfaction with care is often less for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC); as well as, individuals with marginalized cultural identities (e.g., individuals who are LGBTQIA+ or have a poor or working class socio-economic status).


The Solution. 

Through education, consultation, and advocacy for equitable mental health policy, CEI will inspire mental health leaders and providers to use their privilege and power to create cultures of equity and inclusion so clients from all cultural backgrounds have the opportunity to thrive.



Eradicate inequity due to race and culture in mental health care through education, human connection, and advocacy for equitable policy.


Ensure our mental health care system provides every client what they need to thrive.

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